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elvis costume

Historical Costumes

Greek costumes, Roman outfits and Egyptian fancy dress, we have it all here. Gladiators, togas, Roman soldiers and Pharaohs. If you want to dress as a character from history popular lines include the Adult Roman Soldier Set and Adult Toga Man Costume

Pirates Costumes

Yaaar! me hearty, I love pirate fancy dress parties! Look no further if you want an eye-catching men's pirate costume for your fancy dress party. Our pirates are perfect for any Pirate themed party and are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

Costume Prices

Prices for our costumes range from £20 to £45for standard hire. The hire period over a weekend lasts from a Friday to Monday. Weekday hire consists of a two night hire (e.g Collect on Monday and return Wednesday). We offer Charity Discounts to local charities

TV & Film Costumes

A great place to find a unique costume that will stand you out from the crowd. Also a great theme for your fancy dress party! Choose from costumes as diverse in range as the Darth Vader, Doctor Who, Luke Skywalker and Buzz Lightyear.

Gangsters Costumes

Re-enact the roaring twenties with our range of 1920s gangster costumes, inspired by mob bosses such as Al Capone. Learn all your favourite gangster quotes from some of the greatest gangster movies around and you will really feel the part.

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